The Science of the Christian Life

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Science is based on fact, not theory. Good science always has a purpose. In The Science of the Christian Life,  Dr. Jack Hyles focuses on helping Christians to improve their Christian lives by teaching the science of living Bible truth in all aspects of life.

It was once said by one who had observed the principled life by which Jack Hyles lived that he had made a science of the Christian life. This book will take the reader into a spiritual laboratory where Bible formulas teach us how we, too, can live a disciplined Christian life.

Paperback, 368 pages (Volumes I & II)


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5 reviews for The Science of the Christian Life

  1. Charles Adams

    This book is awesome . It was an excellent combination of volume 1 and 2 : much needed for today’s world . Very practical and easy to read format

  2. Brian Kent

    The best book besides the Bible to how to live, see the principles and practice the Christian Life. This is the most practical book a Christian can get on biblical living. It shows how to see every aspect of the Christian living and shows the Bible perspective on every issue you need to know. Love the Book. I had lost my couples of the Original two Volumes I got over Twenty years ago. Loved the fact that this book has both volumes. We have including it in our daily teaching with my Children. Hoping to help them see the biblical simplicity of practicing Christian living.

  3. Tracie Burns

    Many years ago when I was a young Bible college student, I read this book as part of required reading for one of my classes. This book resonated with me in a way that has stayed with me in the decades since. The practical helps in these pages were paramount when making life changing decisions later down the road. I needed the simplicity of each principle taught, bolstered with copious Scripture. Then I was able to really understand what I believed and have Bible verses to back up each principle.
    About ten years ago, I tried to find this book to buy for a newer Christian whom I was discipling. I was upset to discover that it had been out of print. I scoured the internet, but copies were no longer available anywhere.
    I am so glad its new publisher saw the necessity of this book and was able to put it back into circulation! Now with both volumes combined, this book is a must have for any Christian’s library. The print is larger than the original and much easier to read. The cover design is clean, fresh, and sharp. Any reader will want their pen or highlighters close because there is so much “meat” packed into these pages. “Science of the Christian Life” would be excellent as a personal Bible study, Sunday school lesson series, discipleship curriculum, or even a devotional. This book makes a wonderful gift for newer Christians or those looking to dig deep into the practical life principles taught in the Bible. You need “Science of the Christian Life” in your library!

  4. Heather P

    Excellent resource for every new and every mature Christian.

  5. Nathan Sanders

    I enjoyed reading this book. It is so practical, so Biblical, so helpful for everyday living and covers a vast array of topics.

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